Doroni opened orders for a two-seat H1 electric plane with a vertical take-off

Doroni opened orders for a two-seat H1 electric plane with a vertical take-off

Doroni announced the opening of pre-orders for an electric double-seat H1 aircraft with a vertical take-off and landing, and a full prototype of the machine will be built in the coming months, and the first serial copies will be delivered to customers in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The Doroni H1 has an original design: the cab bubble is located between the front wings and the rear wings, in which large clippings are made for the lifting screws. When the machine picks up height, two horizontal thrust screws are connected. And given that the wings have a slight rearward inclination, the machine is likely to be slightly more inclined forward in motion.

The developer claims that H1 will be able to accelerate to 225 km/h. The standard cruiser speed is set at about 160 km/h and the range is just under 100 km. The vehicle ' s own mass is about 650 kg and the load capacity 200 kg. As safety measures in case of rigid boarding, the passenger compartment has several levels of reserve, presence of parachute, which will ensure that all systems fail at high altitude.

The Doroni H1 dimensions are not too large, although the machine is, of course, larger than even a large pickup truck: 7x4.6x1.7 m, so it will require a rather large garage to store it. The manufacturer is going to certify the machine in the light sports class, and H1 will be eligible for 20 hours of training.

The first full prototype is expected to be built as early as the fourth quarter of this year; the Doroni will be in production for 2023; in early 2024, the company hopes to be certified; and in the fourth quarter, deliveries will start to be made to buyers.