Look how the fireball painted the sky above Britain

Look how the fireball painted the sky above Britain

The American meteor society recorded more than 860 reports and many impressive videos showing a fireball that burned in the sky over Ireland and Northern England on the night of September 14th, and a small object entered the atmosphere around 11:57 in Moscow time.

Computer trajectory modelling shows that the meteor has entered the Earth's atmosphere north of Loch Ryan. Fireball in the sky shows that this meteor is larger than most of the likes that the Earth encounters every day. Most meteors are the size of a tiny pebble. A meteor the size of a small ball can emit for a short time a light equivalent to a full moon.

The reason for this is the extreme speed at which these objects encounter the atmosphere; even the slowest meteors move at a speed of more than 10 km/s, which is much faster than any projectile fired from a firearm.

Whatever the origin of the fire ball, the event was harmless, it took place at a height of tens of kilometres in the atmosphere, and no astronomical society has yet indicated whether it produced meteorites, which happens in rare cases when a space stone naturally decays into the atmosphere and parts of it fall to the ground.

Many amazing observations of this bright phenomenon have been published by social media users.