ASRock will release a video map of Arc A750 Challenger's own design

ASRock will release a video map of Arc A750 Challenger's own design

As part of Tokyo Game Show 2022, Intel demonstrated Arc graphics for desktop computers, including the Arc A750 Challenger, which has not yet been officially introduced.

It is notable that it does not repeat Intel's reference design, but is self-developed. It is worth noting that ASRock has its own Arc A380 in its range and video map, being one of the few producers actively supporting Intel's initiative to enter the market for game graphic accelerators.

Arc A750 is based on the ACM-G10 graphic chip. The configuration consists of 28 Xe kernels, 3,584 FP32 kernels and 448 XML engines. The GDR6 memory with 256-bit tyre is 8 Gbyte. For reference items, the frequency of the graphic processor is 2.05 GHz. The memory provides a capacity of up to 512 Gbyte/s. Energy consumption is 225 W.

As you can see in the photograph, the ASRock Arc A750 Challenger accelerator has a two-wall operation. The cooling system consists of two fans with an 11-paste wing. Unfortunately, the mounting bar is not visible, so there is no information on the interface set.

At Tokyo Game Show 2022, Intel also presented Arc A770 Limited Edition's accelerator, provided by RGB-lighting. The characteristics of this model can be found in our material.