A series of new office and design tools will be added to the Canva graphic editor

A series of new office and design tools will be added to the Canva graphic editor

Canva, which is behind a cross-platform graphics service, intends to seriously expand the scope of its activities. During the Canva Create event, the Australian business announced the emergence of a package of new products: CanvaDocs, Canva Websites, Canva Whiteboards and Data Visualization. This was made possible by the acquisition of the Florish startup.

TechCrunch reports that the company will expand its printing functionality and add to its ability to remove the background in the video. In addition, the Canva Perspectives service, launched in 2021, will offer the possibility of remotely managing the presentations using devices such as smartphones used as a remote remote control.

According to one of the founders of Canva Cliff Obrecht, the work has been going on for two years and marks a new era for the company. According to Canva, 85% of Fortune 500 businesses, including FedEx, L\Oréal and Salesforce, use its design tools. More than 4.4 clients pay for the Canva for Theams service last year. However, the new package will also be distributed for the freemium scheme. The package envisages working together on real-time projects.

It stressed that Canva is not trying to compete with the "behemots" of the software market, such as Google or Microsoft Office, that the services will become "companions" of these projects, with an emphasis on visual content. Canva tools are compatible — if a user makes a presentation, it can always turn it into a document or a website. In the plans and production of API, which will allow outside developers to integrate Canva with their projects. In addition, it is planned to launch a partnership program for professional designers who can sell templates, photos and drawings to other users.

Last year, the company attracted $200 million in investment, and Obrecht stressed that Canva's assets are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, business is profitable, and there are hundreds of vacancies on its website, and so far, Canva has limited access to the service to Russian users.