Journalists tested the Sony PS VR2 VR garrison: tremendous progress and deep diving

Journalists tested the Sony PS VR2 VR garrison: tremendous progress and deep diving

The virtual reality garrison Sony PSVR2 is likely not to be sold until next year, but the Japanese manufacturer has provided a copy of the device to journalists of The Verge's test resource. The first impression is that the new generation's garrison is a significant step forward in all respects compared to the original PSVR.

The device has a more modern PS5 console design, and the connection is made by only one USB-C cable. The garrison is equipped with a pair of OLED-displays that provide a field of vision of 110 degrees, maintain a frequency of 90 GHz and 120 GHz, as well as 4K HDR. It is no longer required to install external cameras; the device monitors the owner ' s movements by means of cameras embedded in the front. The PSVR2 Sense updated spherical controllers maintain sensor input and now provide tactile feedback as a normal DualSense.

The Verge viewers point out that in practice, the device is quite comfortable in circulation: you can adjust the straps so that the garrison is conveniently held on the head, you can individually adjust the inter-starved distance. The display looks great, but on the edges there is sometimes a slight blur, as in the original PSVR. The controllers have become much more comfortable than in the first version -- then they were simple sticks with glowing balls at the ends, and they haven't always worked exactly. Tactile sensations from new controllers have become markedly better, and sensor input support has proven to be a good way to sink into virtual worlds. The perfect ones are still not, and with some games they have refused to work properly, but progress seems to be evident. And they are now charged through Microsoft USB in place of an outmoded Mini USB.

The Verge separately noted the connection with only one cable. The first-generation PSVR was connected through an external module, and the number of cables was too large. In addition, PSVR2 does not exhaust the user too much, although it is usually recommended that when working with virtual reality garrisons, a break should be made from time to time so that the migraine does not develop.

Several games were selected as subjects: Horizon Call of the Mountain, optimized for PSVR2 version of Resident Evil Village, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2, as well as Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy

The authors of the survey conclude that the Sony PSVR2 garrison was a truly remarkable step forward from the first generation: the new device is prettier and more convenient, the graphics have improved markedly, the tactical feedback has come into play. The virtual reality revolution is not going to call the system, but it is as impressive as the progress that has been made in the past six years. The producer has not yet spoken, and the exact date of its sale is only known to happen in early 2023; however, competitors are not dreaming, and Sony will obviously have to hurry to resist it.