Researchers facilitated the electric motor to increase the range of electric cars

Researchers facilitated the electric motor to increase the range of electric cars

Engineers from the University of New South Wales, Australia, have created the highest-speed electric motor capable of extending the range of electric vehicles.

The main difficulty was to create a mechanically robust and reliable rotor capable of coping with the highest loads while keeping pace with traditional materials and technologies so as not to undermine the structure.

However, it was not possible to observe the bridge alone. The rotor design was optimized by the IE-algorithm until the required result was obtained. For this purpose, in particular, the algorithm changed the rotor profile 120 times before approaching the optimum characteristics. The proposed design also reduced the mass of the electric motor, which, together with its increased power per unit volume, promises to increase the mileage of the electric vehicle.

The developer plans to vary the speed of rotation and power by offering a range of electric motors with a lower speed but high power for electric vehicles. For example, the option of 200 kW with a maximum speed of about 18,000 rpm is likely to be more promising. The electric motor will have a record peak power of about 7 kW per kg. This means that it will be 10-20% easier and 2-5% more efficient than the existing motors for electric vehicles.

Moreover, the inventors were able to reduce by 70% the use of rare earth magnets per unit of power generated, without deterioration of the engine characteristics. This will have a positive effect on the price of the question, which, in combination with other improvements, promises to push the development of electric transport. According to researchers, subject to the interest of auto-producers, it will be possible to move from 6 to 12 months to production.