IOS 16 came out -- what's new, which smartphones can be installed on?

IOS 16 came out -- what's new, which smartphones can be installed on?

The key innovation is the ability to set the lock screen. You can install widgets, color and style on it. Apple has also improved the Home application interface. The good news for athletes is that Fitness now works without a smart Apple Watch clock.

Also added to iOS 16 is the tracking of the regularity of medications with reminders. There is total protection against complex and rare cyber threats. The face scanner Face ID system has been improved. There is a function to search for duplicates of contacts and photos. Smartphones from iOS 16 can translate voice messages into text messages as well as video sound into text.

IOS 16 can be installed on the following iPhone:

  • iPhone SE 2;iPhone SE 3;iPhone 8;iPhone 8 Plus;iPhone X;iPhone XS;iPhone XS;iPhone XS Max;iPhone XR;iPhone 11;iPhone 11 Pro;iPhone 11 Pro Max;iPhone 12 Pro;iPhone 12 Pro Max;iPhone 12 Mini;iPhone 12 Mini;iPhone 13;iPhone 13 Pro;iPhone 13 Pro Max;iPhone 13 Pro Max;iPhone 14;iPhone 14 Pro;iPhone 14 Prox;iPhone 14 Pro Max;iPhone 14 Plus.

It's good to know:

  • ===IPhone 14===The iPhone 14 was presented – the difference between iPhone 13 and iPhone 13. Apple announced the iPhone 14 Pro award and the flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max – are truly new iPhones.

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