"Gigabyte" and "Maingear" started selling Stealth game PCs with hidden cables

"Gigabyte" and "Maingear" started selling Stealth game PCs with hidden cables

Gigabyte joined forces with Mainear's game computer manufacturer and launched the production of unique game PCs built under the Project Steel concept. The key feature of the latter is the use of the Z690 Aorus Elite Steel, GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC Steel, and the Aorus C300G Steel, designed to hide all the wires from the user's eye.

As it turned out, the patent for PC components with back-up power lines and "spoiled" wires belonged to Mainnear itself. It had issued all the necessary documents as early as 2011. The OEM collector had been unable to find a PC producer for a long time, taking into account this concept, and eventually sold the patent rights to several interested producers.

The French department of Aorus showed the PC concept of the Aorus Project Steel in December last year, which had all the power lines for a component not from the outside but from the inside of the mother's fee, based on an idea actually owned by the Mainear, about which Gigabyte had "forgot to mention".

In the same month, in an interview with HotHardware, the head of Mainear Wallace Santos admitted that he was more interested in putting such innovative PC design on the market than in litigation with Gigabyte. Both companies eventually managed to negotiate.

The cost of the Mainear Steel game PC begins with US$1999. For this price, the buyer will receive a 6-nuclear and 12-point Core i5-12400F processor with a frequency of 2.5 to 4.4 GHz, a Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB air cooling system, 16 Gbyte OZB Fury Beast RGB DDR5-5200, a 512 Gbyte hard drive, an EVGA SuperNov power unit of 750 Wt and Windows 11. The PC also includes the above-mentioned parent fees of Z690 Aorus Elite Steel, the GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC Steel, and the Aorus C300G Steel Building. The total cost of all sets is about $1,500.

Upside options are provided for the system. The processor can be selected up to the flagship 16-nuclear model Core i9-12900KS, air CO replaced by liquid, more OZU installed and permanent memory installed. Only the motherboard, the video card and the hull remain unchanged.