Splatone 3 showed Nintendo's record sales rate in Japan

Splatone 3 showed Nintendo's record sales rate in Japan

Japan's publisher and developer Nintendo, in a recent press release, shared information on the first successes of their archadian multiplayer Splaton 3 on their own market.

It was reported that the total sales of Splatoon 3 at the Nintendo eShop retail and digital store in Japan in the first three days of the premiere had exceeded 3.45 million units.

The result of Splaton 3 was a record for Nintendo; no other game for Nintendo Switch in the home region was sold in such a short period of time.

By comparison, Japan's sales of the original Splaton in the first few days from the release were only 1,56610 copies, while Splaton 2 was four times higher in three days than its predecessor, 6,70955 copies.

Slaton 3 debuted on 9 September exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and overrun the previous parts not only by sales in Japan, but also estimated at Metacritic: 84% versus 81% for the first game and 83% for the second game.