Americans admit they have a lot of UFO videos, but they'll never show them

Americans admit they have a lot of UFO videos, but they'll never show them

The confession was made in response to a request for the Freedom of Information Act submitted by the government website The Black Vault, which previously shared thousands of pages of UFO-related documents received through requests from the FIA to the CIA and other government agencies.

Black Vault submitted a FOIA request to the United States Navy in April 2020, just a day after the Navy declassified three famous video footage taken by Navy pilots, on which high-tech aircraft were moving in seemingly impossible ways.

Black Vault demanded that the Navy now hand over all the other videos.

More than two years later, the Government responded by letter confirming at the same time the availability of more videos and rejecting the requirement to hand them over for reasons of national security.

"The disclosure of this information would be detrimental to national security, as it could provide the enemy with valuable information about the operations, vulnerabilities and/or capabilities of the Ministry of Defence and the Navy", wrote Deputy Director of the FIA Department, Gregory Cason. "No part of the video can be separated for release."

Cason added that the fleet had declassified three UAP videos released in April 2020 only because the video had previously leaked to the media and had already been "discussed widely in the public domain".

In May 2022, the Department of Defense held its first public hearings on UFOs since the 1960s, and the Pentagon ' s June 2021 report, which stated that U.S. Navy pilots had reported 144 observations since 2004, was the first to be discussed.