Valve opened official repair centres for Steam Deck

Valve opened official repair centres for Steam Deck

In the event of a break in the Steam Deck game, its owners had a choice either to go to any local electronics workshop or to try to fix it themselves by buying the official parts for the iFixit drive and following instructions from the Internet. Valve reported that it was now also possible to seek help from one of its official repair centres.

The company notes that it is necessary first to apply for technical support on its website, and then the console can be sent to a Valve service centre, where it will be diagnosed, repaired if necessary, and then sent back to the owner.

In cases where the repair is subject to the guarantee, the service to restore the service will be free of charge. If the case is not guaranteed, Steam Deck will be asked to repair the device for a certain fee. It is not necessary to agree. If the current form of the console is refused, it will be sent back to the owner.

Valve described as an example a hypothetical case where the repair centre will do everything free of charge. In particular, the owners of Steam Deck, who may have problems with the buttons, will conduct diagnostics, replace the button, test and calibrate the device, and then send it back for free because it's a warranty.

If, for example, a home pet is chewed up by a steak, the case is not covered by the guarantee. However, it is still possible to turn in support. The adjective is again diagnosed and repaired, but it is already for a certain fee.