Intel Arc A580 showed very strange results in the Ashes of the Singularity game tests

Intel Arc A580 showed very strange results in the Ashes of the Singularity game tests

===Intel Arc A580===The Ashes of the Singularity game test database introduced up-to-date data on the productivity of the Intel Arc A580 desktop map. This model is not the first to be noted. Last month, the map was tested using a graphic API Vulkan. The new one was tested using graphics API DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. The results were mixed.

Today, Intel has discovered the technical characteristics of Arc A580. The accelerator is based on an ACM-G10 graphic chip consisting of 24 Xe cores, 24 beam tracks and 384 XML matrix engines. The declared GPU frequency is 1,700 MHz. The map has received 8 Gbytes of GDDR6 memory at an effective frequency of 16 GHz, 256 bit tyre discharge and 512 Gbyte/s capacity. Intel has not yet reported the energy consumption of this model.

According to Intel, the Arc Alchemist series's video cards are best optimized for DirectX 12 games, slightly worse with API Vulcan. However, their performance on DirectX 11 will be the worst. Curiously, the recent Ashes of the Singularity video card Arc A580 showed a direct performance not only in DirectX 11 but also with a profile API DirectX 12. Its speed was much worse than with API Vulkan.

In all cases, the game test was started with a resolution of 1080p with average image quality settings. When using Vulkan, the map gained 9,300 points from the tests, showing an average personnel frequency of 95 FPS.

In DirectX 11 the accelerator showed a result of 2,800 points at an average frequency of 30.6 FPS. In DirectX 12, the card scored 6,600 points and 68.6 frames per second. It is noteworthy that in DX11/12 the map showed results worse than the Arc A380 entry level model.

The following is a comparison of productivity with other video maps provided by Tom's Hardware.

The reason for these strange results may be a few. Perhaps the processor in the system used for the Arc A580 test is so much that the GPU, which should be three times faster than Arc A380, is actually slower. Another reason may be the lack of optimization of its graphical driver or the disabled function of the Resizable BAR, without which the productivity of Arc's video cards is significantly reduced. Another assumption is that Arc A580, which for some reason has an RI suffix in the name, is a mobile version of the video card with a limited capacity. It is also possible that it is not a full table Arc A580, and someone deceived the test by making him take another video card for a desktop model.