Intel has solemnly started the construction of two factories in Ohio, and by 2025 they will be producing advanced chips

Intel has solemnly started the construction of two factories in Ohio, and by 2025 they will be produ

The procrastination by the U.S. authorities of a $52 billion package of laws to subsidize the construction of the semiconductor industry throughout the country has somewhat shifted the schedule for Intel's construction of two businesses in Ohio, but only at the ceremonial level, with the participation of the President of the United States, the Governor of the State and the head of Intel this week.

According to a press release published on Intel, other officials at various levels took part in the opening ceremony of the Ohio site. If Intel's intention to spend $20 billion on the construction of businesses in Ohio was known for a long time, this week the company focused on a related educational initiative. It is said that it will spend $50 million over a decade on specific education programmes in Ohio, which will cover more than 80 state institutions. Intel will spend $17.7 million over the next three years alone to support research and educational programmes in the state of Ohio.

In three years, the programme will provide training to some 9,000 graduates and 2,300 students will be recipients of targeted scholarships. Some 7,000 people will be employed directly in the construction of enterprises in Ohio, and in the long run they will be employed by some 3,000 skilled people. As Intel again stressed, two new companies in Ohio will focus not only on producing products for their own use, but also on serving outside clients. It was explained earlier that it will be in Ohio that it will be the forward lithographic scanners of the ASML, with a high value number aperture, which will then allow the production of Intel 18A technology. It will allow Intel Corporation to regain technological leadership in lithography by mid-decade. In addition to its own products, Intel is already considering the possibility of producing advanced products in Ohio for several clients.

Intel Director-General Patrick Gelsinger thanked the representatives of the US Presidential Administration, Congress and the state leadership for their cooperation in the company's efforts.Intel will build two new businesses in Arizona in the coming years, expand its production capacity in New Mexico, and improve the Oregon Research Centre, which will focus on developing best practices in the packaging of semiconductive components and innovations in lithography.