The Yandex smart camera app learned to recognize text

The Yandex smart camera app learned to recognize text

Yandex has expanded its smart camera, a special tool that is available in the browser and the Yandex app for mobile devices under the control of Android and iOS operating systems.

A new "Text" mode has emerged to recognize and copy texts. It is enough to put a smartphone camera on any word or phrase, and the application converts the inscription into a text view. The text can then be saved, sent to the masser or to search.

For example, in order to find a textbook on the Internet, you don't have to dial its name: you can put a camera on the cover and click the Find button; the tool will also help copy the text from the slide or, say, the report.

The application can recognize print texts in 47 languages. Neuronets are used to process images. One identifies areas with text, while the other identifies inscriptions by analysing the context: letters, neighbouring letters and words. A similar technology is used to recognize text in "Transfer" mode.

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