Yandex expanded Alisa's search engine

Yandex expanded Alisa's search engine

Yandex updated Alice's intellectual voice assistant in its search app: it can now send reminders, read text aloud on websites and quickly access popular functions, and the assistant's interface has changed.

The image of "Alice" in the Yandex app adapts to different content. For example, if necessary, the assistant changes shape, leaving more useful space on the smartphone screen. Directly from the window with "Alice", you can now go to chat with an assistant, to a smart camera, or to look at a complete list of skills.

On the Alice user's command, you can add reminders as well as show a list of cases. To read a text from the Internet, it's enough to say, "Alice, read the page."

A quick access tool for commonly used functions allows, for example, to listen to music and to switch the favorite tracks in the window of Alice. You can also call contacts from a phone book, say, on Alice's command, call your mother. If you have a few numbers, the assistant will specify which one to choose.

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