Yandex signs everyone on without asking

Yandex signs everyone on without asking

Last night on Eldar Murtazin's television channel, I saw a post with another fall, I thought, towards Yandex, and Chief Mobile Review has a rather tight relationship with a Russian search engine, and from time to time he walks through them with a skating of his criticism.

So when he wrote that Yandex needed so much money that he started signing users on as an extra service for Yandex. Plus, I didn't believe it. on a movie search.

It's not a deterioration in the terms of a valid subscription, like cutting the number of active devices on one account, it's a real imposition of paid services that are prosecuted by law, and it's just impossible to think that Yandex can afford something like this.

Besides, I have a strict calculation of the budget that I can spend on subscriptions, and I have a separate card for them, so that random or ill-considered presentation on my part has been ruled out by 100%.

After reading comments from other users, I discovered that I wasn't alone. Of the 60 or so commentators, about 10 were recruited, who also found a signed subscription to a in Plus, which they said they weren't doing. So there's a trend. So it's not gonna be too much for everyone to check their subscriptions.

How to Disable Sea Twe in Film Search

Here's how to do it:

  • Go to and authorise; select "plus active" in the open window;
  • Check whether the Tumbler is active in front of the " movies and shows on the Cinema Survey" option.

In my case, this Tumbler was active, and the subscription with the Damocles' sword was hanging over my bank card tied to the account.

It's obvious that no one in their right mind goes to the Plus website to check out the status of their subscriptions. I think I've been there for the third time in my life. The first time I opened it was when I signed it, the second time I connected family access, and the third time yesterday when I read about Yandex's dishonesty.

Understand me correctly: I'm not ready to give up Plus because in my case there's too much that depends on him, the smart Yandex columns that are arranged around the house, Yandex. The music that I and my family use, the smart answering machine that accepts unwanted calls and communicates with the callers instead of me, the movie search that I watch all the time.

Plus, it's a really cool subscription that's global in terms of coverage, price-effective and convenient because of its availability, but it's a real piggyback to act like Yandex.