How to connect the mouse and keyboard to the iPad

How to connect the mouse and keyboard to the iPad

At some point in time, there may be a need to turn the iPad from a device to consume content to a device to create it. Some people start processing videos, some photos, and some people like me need to write texts. A virtual keyboard for such actions is not a very convenient tool. A lot of typing, and auto-correction sometimes makes a lot worse than it was before. For this situation, it's better to use a physical keyboard.

In this case, it's better not to limit it, but to connect the mouse to the tablet as well. Well, this functionality is provided by the operating system. It uses text navigation, selection operations, copying and boxing to perform much more conveniently. Let's figure out how to connect the mouse and keyboard to the iPad and whether there are any restrictions on their use in software.

Keyboard for iPad — Which to Choose

If you own Ipad Pro or Air, you have the option of acquiring another option in addition to the keyboards listed above. Magic Keyboard for iPad combines the cover, keyboard and track. In one device you get three different things at once. Just like Smart Keyboard, you don't need any additional settings.

How to connect keyboard to iPad

These are the two simple but expensive solutions to get a physical keyboard on the iPad. It's good that you can connect to and use the regular Bluetooth keyboard from the computer. You can use the wireless Magic Keyboard of the first generation, which has been available since the 2011 iMac. You can do the same for any wireless keyboard.

  • If the keyboard has been connected to a device, you need to break the connection and shut it down. Go to the iPad settings. Enter the Bluetooth section. Enter the keyboard, and it will appear immediately in the "Other devices" section. Press the name and, if necessary, enter the code that appears on the screen. All are ready for use.

An iPad mouse -- how to connect

If you have a need to use an iPad keyboard, I suggest you also connect the mouse. The correction of errors in the middle of words is much more convenient when you have a cursor. The selection and formatting of text using a mouse is going to go to a different level at all. As an experiment, you use the first generation Magic Mouse of the same iMac 2011.

  • If the mouse is connected to another device, you need to break the pair and turn off its power. Open the iPad settings and enter the Bluetooth section. Activate the mouse, and it will appear in the "Other devices" section. Press the name and, if necessary, confirm the creation of the pair. The clock will immediately appear on the screen.

The rate of movement on the screen is defaulted to a medium level. Most users will find this very slow. To increase sensitivity, it is necessary:

  • Go to settings. Go to Main. Open Trekpad and Mouse.

It is here that you can increase the rate of movement of the radiator and set the right mouse button.

It should be noted that all the standard Apple applications are fully supported by the tag. However, not all the side applications are adapted. For example, Google Documents do not allow text to be distinguished as we used to press the left mouse button. A double-pressed word and stretch the boundaries of the selection in the right direction. Therefore, before using any software, make sure that the developer adapts it to the mouse.

Because of the mouse and keyboard, I'm dialing text on a tablet at the same speed as on a normal computer. Selecting and formatting text no longer hurts, and putting pictures in the right part of the text is one of the most convenient functions. Yes, iPad does not become a computer, but it is not required in my version of the text.