The coolest goods with Ali Express at the best prices, it's never cheaper

The coolest goods with Ali Express at the best prices, it's never cheaper

I don't know how you guys are, but I'm not gonna buy a product if it doesn't have a discount on it. I'm gonna close up and look for either a wet product or a similar product from another salesman where it's cheaper. Even though Ali's usually under a lot of pressure, finding the product you need at the discount isn't a big problem, but to make it easier for you, we've found better positions at better prices for you.

Subscription to Yandex Plus — Promocod

Subscription to Yandex Plus

Gamepad PS5 original purchase

I never liked the game controllers created specifically for iPhone. Despite the certification of MFi, they always seemed to me to be somewhat unreliable, inconvenient and not sufficiently stylish, but it's good that modern iPhones and iPads support sidegames like PlayStation or Xbox. There are no such claims against them.

Buy DualSense from PS5

Buy Huawei Band 7

The Huawei Fitness bracelets, as far as I'm concerned, look and feel much cooler than Mi Band, at least at the expense of a bigger display. The active generation Huavei Band has a 1.5-inch screen, which is very, very impressive. It is much more convenient to read the text of the notifications that you receive, not to mention the consumption of the rest of the content, such as training information, your state of health, and sleep phases.

Buy Huawei Band 7

You're looking at an official RTS version designed for sale on the Russian market, but it's not worth more than Chinese. Apparently Huawayi, without being able to trade her technology in Russia through retail stores, chose a remote sale to keep the consumer alive, and so the people started ordering Ali, it was decided to lower the price to the maximum possible level.

Should You Buy Huawei Nova 9 SE

Buy Huavei Nova 9 SE

GaN charge 65W

You know what GaN is? It's a special technology for the production of gallium-based chargers, which allows for compact but extremely energy-efficient power units. GaN charges are characterized by a small shell, low heat output, and a high output power, so that they can charge not one, not two, but three or even four devices at the same time, with little or no charge rate.

Buy ZU QCY 65 W

So this QCY charger has an output power of 65 W and carries on its hull a whole 3 USB port: it's a pair of USB-C and one USB-A -- just in case. It can be used to charge, for example, a laptop and two smartphones, or a smartphone, tablet, and headphones at the same time.

Voice control

Buy Smart TV Pult

Well, first of all, it connects not by IC, but by Bluetooth, which means the range of its signal will be higher. Second, the remote has a built-in gyroscope that allows it to operate with an interface, and it allows it to run the algorithm on the screen by shaking and swirling, and thus play games. Third, the remote has a microphone that can control the voice on the screen, or introduce rapid search requests.

Cheap TWS headphones

Apple taught us that TWS headphones can't even be cheap because of their design, but Chinese manufacturers -- including their own -- have shown that they aren't. So today even more cheap Bluetooth headphones are available on the market without wires than expensive ones. The important thing is to find a decent option among them. Edifier X3S is just one of them. It's cool TWS ears that are cheap and sound very clear.

Buy Edifier X3S

The headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, which allows the delay to be offset by the sound signal, supports the Qualcomm aptX codes, which improve sound and reduce energy consumption, and has a fast interface function. It allows the headphones to automatically connect to the smartphone if they open a charge case that provides them with up to 28 hours of charge, and they also have a special game mode, equizer and water and dust protection.