Sberbank, VTB, Halva, SberMarket and others: where to take remote apps from App Store

Sberbank, VTB, Halva, SberMarket and others: where to take remote apps from App Store

Saying nothing, but after removing popular apps from the Russian App Store, the iPhones have become less attractive, because if you can live without Apple Pay in principle, it's more difficult without Sberbank online. Of course, you can always use some crutches like iMasing. This is really a way to restore the app if it was previously installed on your iPhone. But first, many people simply can't figure out how it works at all. And secondly, the software isn't being restored to everyone. So we've come up with an elegant solution to this problem -- our own catalogue that doesn't have a name yet.

Despite the fact that iOS, unlike Android, does not allow downloading software from the App Store, almost every application -- especially if it's online banks -- has a web version. Yes, it's not the same as a private client, but it's better than nothing at all, because at least you can save access to a private office and all the opportunities to interact with your savings.

Remote Applications on IPhone — Where to Get

It is quite simple to set up an application catalogue from

  • Go through this link from your iPhone.
  • In the lower part of the screen, press the "Shape" button; display down and click "Home" on the screen;
  • Rename the catalog if you want and confirm the addition.

Our directory, which you can access from this link, offers access only to web versions of popular applications. So far, not so many, but in time, we plan to fill it with all new and new entries. If you notice that a program is not available, write to us, and we will certainly add it, provided that it has a version to work on a browser.

Our Web Applications Catalogue

Now the range of our catalogue is as follows:

  • Alpha Bank Opening of WTB Online Gazprombank ICD Online PrimSoz Bank PromSlink Bank Sberbank Online Business Halva NTV First Channel Level Travel Netflix VK Russian Aeroflot WTB Business Online CyberMarket SberMegaMarket TikTok

Web versions of popular applications

As you can see, the catalogue presents not only those applications that Apple voluntarily removed from the App Store, but also those whose developers themselves have decided to leave the Russian market. For this reason it may be difficult to gain access to them without VPN, in particular the Netflix service, which in Russia is officially no longer in operation, thus blocking any traffic going to it from our country. To circumvent this restriction, it will require the use of proxie or VNG.

I specifically use the word "catalogue" instead of "apps store" because we're not a store. We don't sell anything to you, and we don't get a commission for installation from their creators. We just wanted to collect web versions of all the applications that are no longer available in the Russian App Store in one place, so you'd be comfortable putting them on your iPhone as soon as they were available in the real store.

From a practical point of view, the web applications that we have in our catalogue are quite different. Some are very well optimized under mobile devices, and they're quite drawn to being called progressive web applications. They don't have an address line or other features specific to websites. Some are just mobile websites adapted to smartphone or tablet interfaces.

How to install the Cyberbank Online on the iPhone

Although only the web versions of the applications are presented in our catalogue, they can also be added to our iPhone desktop. Let's see how this works, using the example of Sberbank Online, which everyone so needs:

  • Start the catalogue on your iPhone; find the Sberbank web application icon in your icon catalogue;
  • Press it and you'll hit the bank's official website; click on "Share" - "The House" and confirm the addition.

Yeah, technically it's not exactly a setup, but actually web applications aren't exactly apps either. They don't even know how to send notices. But that's not yet. With the iOS 16, as Apple promises, Safari will get the support of the tumours, and the web applications will become a more functional replacement for the mobile clients installed through the App Store.

Our Web Applications Catalogue

All web applications that get into the catalogue are strictly checked, so you can install them without being afraid of your own safety, and that's what our goal was to protect users from misauthorization of the phishing resources that are full of the Internet. Fraudsters deliberately create fake web sites that are written one-on-one like Sberbank Online, and then distribute links to it under the guise of a legitimate service.