What if iPhone overheated in the sun, how not to kill your smartphone?

What if iPhone overheated in the sun, how not to kill your smartphone?

It's been a really hot summer for most cities in our country, and there's a problem for smartphone users and tablets to overheat their devices. It's nice to go out and sit on the Internet in the fresh air, read favorite books from your gadget screen, watch a movie or just work.

However, this kind of operation could have an adverse effect on your devices. In this material we will consider how to prevent overheating of your iPhone or iPad, and what to do if the device went off with the corresponding message.

Overheating the IPhone — How to Avoid

The coolest advice I've ever heard to avoid overheating a smartphone or a tablet on the street is not to bring any of these devices with me. It's not a big deal if you're not online for a couple of hours. On the one hand, it's a good advice, but on the other hand, not everyone can afford to stay out of the area for a couple of hours. Some kids, other older parents, and others have jobs.

If it so happens that when you go on vacation, you bring with you an iPhone or an iPad, you will implement the following recommendations so that your device does not overheat:

  • Don't put a smartphone on the front panel of a car when you drive behind the wheel. Through the windshield, the largest amount of sunshine hits the car through the windshield, because you can't tone it. You can't heat the panel yourself and with it and everything there. You better take the device somewhere in the glove box or don't get it out of your pockets at all. In any case, it's not safe to use the smartphone behind the wheel. If you're under direct sunlight, don't charge your gadget. Even using the Powerbank will not protect you from overheating. Any charge will increase the temperature of the device, so you can do it in advance. Don't play. Don't play. It's not just about some heavy games, it's about everyone. Any game increases the pressure on the processor, and it's in turn heating. It's not enough to heat up from the outside, it's also and inside. It's likely to shut off under this scenario. Shut it down.

All these suggestions will help you to avoid overheating your iPhone or iPad and not be left unconnected at the most inappropriate moment.

The iPhone's overheated and not on.

If it happens that overheating has taken place and the device has moved to the appropriate mode, don't panic. You just have to take it to a cool place where the sun can't reach it. If there isn't one, at least use it to isolate it from the straight beams. You don't have to take the smartphone or the tablet off the freezer, as some craftsmen suggest. A sudden temperature change can have a negative effect on the device.

It will take some time to cool down, and your gadget will automatically return to work. If you realize that the device is already cold enough, but it is still not possible to use it, it is unfortunately only the way to the service centre. Such situations are very rare. The most common result is the complete return of the iPhone to life. The most important thing in waiting for the smartphone temperature to drop is never to charge it. This can significantly increase the time to return to working temperatures.

Remember that the temperature range in which an iPhone can be operated is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. Perhaps this is the fact that it will prevent your gadgets from being turned off. Use your devices to enjoy and look at the world not through your smartphone camera. We often forget how to feel about it.