Update on AirPods Pro 2: Design, Sound and New Sensors

Update on AirPods Pro 2: Design, Sound and New Sensors

The second generation of AirPods Pro rumors has been going on long enough. Some leaks predicted radical revision. They were supposed to get rid of the leg. Other sources reported that there would be more health sensors in them, because most people use headphones during sports, which is the point where fixing some indicators is very important.

And here's 52audio presenting the first AirPods Pro 2. We've combined all the leaks in functionality and design. Let's see what headphones are waiting for us.

What AirPods Pro 2 will be

Over the past two years, rumors about the new generation of AirPods Pro have been many and varied, and now they're beginning to materialize into something big. Thanks to the rendezvous, we can understand what the new TWS headphones from Apple will look like.

What they're talking about with great confidence is that the design will remain unchanged. AirPods Pro 2 will keep the appearance of the first generation with a leg. It appears that at a time when the components are scarce and the cost of production is increasing, Apple simply did not decide on revision. So, by the ear itself, it will be almost invisible that you are the owner of the new generation.

The most visible changes in appearance will be the charge case. Lightning will be replaced by USB-C, with a dynamic, microphone and loop for the cord. The dynamic will be used for a search function similar to that of AirTag. The Keys will be able to make a sound in the missing mode, which will essentially allow the case to be used as the equivalent of the AirTag tag.

The coolest feature of the new AirPods Pro case will be the presence of a microphone. By using it, people with bad hearing will be able to use it as a full hearing aid.

The new processor that will be installed in AirPods Pro 2 will improve sound quality. I'd like it to be the first Apple ear to support lossless. Apple may come up with some kind of high-quality sound transmission protocol, as the current FLAC and ALAC will discharge the AirPods Pro 2 battery not just quickly, but very quickly.

The headphones will be equipped with a sensor to measure the rate of cardiac contractions and the temperature of the body by means of a skin sensor similar to AirPods 3. For what specific purposes these sensors will be used and whether it will be possible to synchronize with Apple Watch is not known. According to some information, the CSS sensor will allow for a more subtle customization of the evalier under a specific listener.

How this will be realized will only be known once the headphones are launched. It is possible that they will simply be used for a direct purpose and nothing more. If you can combine data from two sources and produce really accurate health information, Apple can have a small revolution.

Let's hope that in the new generation, the headphones do not have any problems with the cods, which served as the basis for the withdrawal of a large number of devices that have already been sold.

AirPods Pro 2 — When They Go Out

The release of the new AirPods is expected in the fall along with iPhone 14. That's when we find out if the rumors are going to be confirmed or not. AirPods Pro 2 in the TWS towers of Apple will take the place of AirPods Pro, which are likely to be removed from production. AirPods 3 are sold at a price of $179 and not to say what's very good. But positioning is still different. AirPods Pro 2 are plugs with active noise support.

While AirPods 3 are normal liners, sound quality, with the ability to cut external noises, will certainly be better at AirPods Pro 2. If Apple can get time off the second generation battery, the question of choosing TWS headphones will soon be difficult.

It's very interesting whether Coopertino will add functionality to the skin contact sensor in AirPods 3. It's now more accurate to determine the location of the earpiece in the ear. AirPods Pro 2 should teach it how to determine the body temperature as well. Maybe the third generation of conventional pods will receive a similar upgrade.

In fact, all the TWS headphones that are now available in Apple are hits. It's because of Apple that this form factor has spread. For many people, the main question is whether it's going to be possible to keep the price in Coopertino at the same level. To be honest, there's a lot of doubt about it, because there's going to be a lot of improvements. I'm guessing the price is $279 versus $249 in the first generation. I don't want to know how much that price is going to be in the market, but I think my audience AirPods Pro 2 is going to find it anyway.