Which gives you a subscription for 199 rubles: discounts, shows, online courses, and more than just

Which gives you a subscription for 199 rubles: discounts, shows, online courses, and more than just

Even though we've all been used to subscriptions a long time ago, they don't get smaller over time, which means that not only costs are increasing, but also the need to control each of them individually. The cost will change, the service conditions will not follow, so package subscriptions have started to appear on the market that offer a lot of privileges in just one "abontment." All that remains is to find the best possible option.

I'm sure you've heard of Fire, which is a multi-brand subscription that includes privileges from a variety of partners, unlike all the other packages that are tied to the services of one company, Fire is another.

Think of SberPrime, MVP Premium, Tinkoff Pro, Megaphone Plus and other subscriptions. They're extensive, mostly inexpensive, and quite profitable, but tied to the same ecosystem. The fire makers decided to go beyond this paradigm and were able to negotiate with a large number of unrelated partners to create the most profitable subscription in Russia.

How to Sign to Fire

The first thing that surprises you when you get to know the Fire is a separate app. Damn it, yes, the subscription has its own app. You can say it too much. But no, it's actually the center of all privileges, but you only realize it when you start using the signature, because even remember all the benefits it offers, it's not that easy, but the application is clear and clear.

So let's register:

  • download the app "Fire" from the App Store (Android version); register with your phone number (many sentences are attached to the number);
  • Press Subscription and select the period you want to subscribe to; if you are not sure that you need it at all, enter the APPINSIDER to buy a subscription for two months at the price of one. It is valid until 28.07.2022.

Subscription Fire — Which Enters

First of all, the Fire recently partnered with VK Kommo, giving subscribers access to all the privileges of this subscription, including VK Music, video service Wink (subscription Wink TV+Kino), 7% discount on 10 orders at the Delivery Club and Ed Vontakta, 15% for the first order at Samokat and up to 7% for the next, free 16 GB at Lake Mail.ru, as well as large discounts on educational courses and professions at Skillbox and Skill Factory, and much more.

Second, the Fire has a lot of its own offers, and it's a full subscription to the Premier online movie, and the cancellation of the Gazprombank investment commission, and special conditions for the Gazprombank's credit card and savings account, and a 10% discount on three orders for products and other items through Lent Online.

I'm not talking about the other privileges anymore:

  • The reduced cost of insurance in SOGAS; the increased Cacheback in City Drive; the discount to 25% and the book gift in Lithuania Res; the 70% discount on the bonus access to Puzzle English; the 16% discount on tariffs at Gazprombank Mobyle; the 20% discount on Uchi.ru and Uchi. Dom classes and courses; and many other offers — almost 30 partners — are now signed and are constantly increasing.

Subscriptions Fire — An App

It's a good thing there's a special app, so let's get to the bottom of it.

The application opens on "Subscription." Regardless of the fact of payment, you will see a complete list of the privileges of the service. The privileges are in the form of click cards. You can click on each of them and read about the terms and conditions, and then activate the subscription.

Sign for Fire

The discounts and bonuses available to the followers of the Fire are activated in different ways. In principle, this is understandable because many of the services in which you are granted privileges are not the same as each other. Look at how different they are.

Lent Online — Promocod

In order to get a 7% discount on the Delivery Club, the conditions will be different. Since the discount is provided as part of the VK Combo package, you have to activate it and then authorize it in the delivery application with the number to which the fire was signed.

VK Combo — How to Connect in the Fire

Anything, but we'll have to activate VK Combo after each renewal of the subscription. Let's say I signed on to Fire for a month. So in a month, the VK Commo will be shut down, even if I have an auto-renewal, and I have to turn it back on again.

But it's convenient that VK Commo connects to your number, and all the services it opens will be available to you as soon as it's licensed. The important thing is not to confuse the phone numbers. If you sign for the Fire (and VK Combo will be attached) to the secondary number, you can only connect the subscription through the VC technical support.

Virtual map World

To release the Gazprombank fire map easily and simply:

  • Run the Fire application on your iPhone; open the map tab at the bottom of the screen;
  • Study the advantages and press the application; read the terms and press Confirm the issue.

Sign for Fire

Specifically, this map is smart. It doesn't require you to choose categories of high-cachebeck every month, like some, but rather to track where you spend the most money, and calculates the maximum cachebeck in that category. Suppose you went to a lot of restaurants last month. The map will take that into account and make the largest return for catering points, and so in any category.

It's quite remarkable that there is a "Media" section in the annex. In fact, it's a kind of information hab that gathers news stories about recent events and tips. The news is in the form of cards, and the instructions and recommendations are in the form of understandable storis. If you want the news to be set up, you can choose what's interesting or, in fact, you don't want to be interested in the subject. In general, there's everything that allows you to be distracted. Apparently, it's done to keep the user inside the application.

Is it worth signing the Fire?

In my opinion, Fire is the most profitable subscription that only exists in Russia in terms of price-proposal ratio. Not only does it offer the widest list of offline privileges and discounts that no one has at all, but it's paid off almost on the first day. I originally signed on the Fire to gain access to the Internet-based Premier and Lent discounts. However, shortly thereafter, the subscription offered access to all VK Commo privileges.

Sign for Fire

It's obvious that a lot of people want to make a unique and demandable product, but I can see that only the fire makers managed to make a service that would benefit the user first. Because, honestly, I don't really understand how to do business by constantly improving the terms of the subscription and not increasing its value. Just a few weeks ago, the fire offered a 10% discount in Lent, and now it grew to 13%.