5 functions we're waiting for at iPad Pro 2022

5 functions we're waiting for at iPad Pro 2022

At the time of the first iPad Pro, it was the most powerful tablet in the market. After several years, the force pattern did not change. It is the Pro-version iPad that allows you to solve really serious problems. The Photoshop with a large number of layers, please. Making a complicated video is easy. The iPad Pro does all this without much trouble. But what if the coolest tablet can be made even cooler?

What if you add to the iPad Pro a new, newly announced M2 processor? Or MagSafe charger? Not like the iPhone that works on QI technology, but like the McBooks. Let's look at five functions that can make the best tablet even better.

New iPad on M2

At the WWDC 2022 Apple conference, it announced its new M2 processor and its first devices, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Both of these laptops were more powerful than their predecessors and were given a new opportunity that was not in the ordinary M1.

The Apple M2 processor supports the Media Engine engine, which allows the video to be processed much faster, including the ProRes format. This option was previously only available to MacBook Pro on the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. This in itself means nothing to the tablet, but if there is a compatible software under this engine, iPad Pro could be one of the most convenient tools to work with the video.

The increased capacity of the chipset will allow the tablet to perform all its tasks much faster, and if the manufacturer is still working on energy efficiency, it will also be with less battery charge losses. The iPad Pro's next appearance on M2 is a logical step from Apple to convert all its products to these processes.

MagSafe Charging

In 2020, Apple decided to re-establish its MagSafe magnetic charger standard. So the iPhone 12 series received MagSafe magnetic wireless charges. And the most convenient magnetic port returned to the laptops. The next ones on the MagSafe list are supposed to be tablets. And iPad Pro is the best way to do it.

Many people use tablets sitting at a table, and this way of charging would be very convenient for them. You don't have to look for a port and turn the device around, the charger itself will magnetize to the right place. In case you pull out, the charger will not break, and the wire will just disconnect from the connection. No harm to the shoe or the tablet.

It is possible that such a function will be in the Apple style. MagSafe will be added to the Magic Keyboard so as not to overload the extra ports and comply with the European Union's mandatory USB-C bill.

Fast charge iPad Pro

The first iPad saw the light as early as 2010. Since then, charging technology has gone far ahead. But the iPad still does not support a really fast charge. Together with the addition of MagSafe, this will be possible.

If you use the iPad Pro on a full roll with a heavy load, it will also be released quickly. In such a situation, charging times play a very serious role. In Apple's arsenal, there's a 67 W fast charger. Thanks to it, the time over which the tablet is charged can be significantly reduced.

In Coopertino, iPad Pro is positioned as a device for professionals. It is very important for this category of users that the working tool is always at hand and does not fail at the right time. Therefore, adding a fast charge is the next logical step in the development of Apple tablets. Perhaps even without MagSafe.

iPad Pro — Time of Work

If the device gets a cool processor, it's gonna be operated on by those that use all the chipset capabilities, but if the iPad doesn't sit in front of the eyes, it's gonna need a new volume battery. I think many tablet owners are willing to give up a few millimeters of its thickness in exchange for an increased time of autonomous operation.

Yes, if the iPad Pro supports a really fast charger, and you're not far away from the outlet, this paragraph doesn't play a big role for you, but some have to work in fields where it's not easy to get a charge. This is the category of users that will fully appreciate the increased running time.

From generation to generation, Apple is trying to keep the battery's performance from one level, not to make it worse. It's time to step forward and give users a new level of autonomy.

iPad Pro 2022 - screen

By presenting the iPad Pro last year, Apple also showed new miniLED disks. The technology of their screen in Coopertino was called the Liquid Retina XDR. This is a very bright contrast display with exact colours. But it turns out that the new screens only got a 12.9 inch version.

Not everyone needs a tablet with such a large diagonal. Many are comfortable with iPad Pro 11. Unfortunately, the smaller version is left with the old screen. Yes, the iPad Pro 11 display is also good, but those who do the graphics often need a more accurate color transfer. In such a situation, the miniLED screen would be the best choice, but Apple did not give it to its users.

If we gather all of our desires for a processor: M2, MagSafe, a fast charger, an increased time of autonomous operation, and miniLED screens in all versions of iPad Pro, we're going to have an ultimative gadget. Many will say that without special software, this power is not needed for a tablet. But let's remember that in Coopertino we're trying very hard to drag the developers of a professional software, and they're more or less able to do it. I think with the iPad Pro announcement on M2, we can see the tablet version of the Final Cut Pro. We're gonna have to wait a little while, and the new iPads are gonna surprise us.