Dustless robot or wireless: Which is better to buy in 2022

Dustless robot or wireless: Which is better to buy in 2022

I've always referred to robots as the best device in a smart house that you can imagine, because this level of automation multiplied by utility has no light bulbs, no outlets, or even automatic curtains closing windows on command. Not only do robots clean up the house without a reminder, but they also teach the owner not to throw clothes and other items for which the gadget can lock up and get stuck during cleaning. Another question is which robot pollen is to choose in 2022 and whether to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner?

Historically, the producers who make robots aren't using wireless vacuum cleaners, and vice versa. And if they are, they don't usually want to buy these things for understandable reasons, but in the Dream range, there's plenty of both, and there's only one thing left to decide.

If you don't count the cheapest models, most people have both lidar and the necessary orientation sensors in space, and even the wet cleaning function, and they differ in either the suction rate or the orientation to work under difficult conditions.

A Low Cost Dust Robot — What's Better

Buy Dream Bot D9

Because it's the youngest model in the line, Dream Bot D9 doesn't have the highest intake rate. It's 3,000 Pa. It's not bad, but it's better to pick something better to clean carpet surfaces. I can't stand carpets. I think they just collect dust and dirt and ruin the appearance of the room. So it's a model that I'd like to use, given that it has a built-in lidar.

Robot-duster for carpets

The Dream Bot D9 Max is an improved modification of the conventional D9. In contrast, the Max version has a higher capacity and a number of features aimed at cleaning under all conditions. This is a world of cleanness coupled to smart house and voice control. In addition to the Bot D9 Max allows wet cleaning and overcoming obstacles up to 2 cm high, it is equipped with an engine with a power of 4,000 Pa. This is a third more than the original D9, which means that it can safely be used to clean carpets.

Buy Dream Bot D9 Max

Dream Bot D9 Max was specifically designed as a "universal soldier," so it doesn't just handle the carpet by automatically adjusting the suction force according to the length of the thief, but it also has built-in hair protection. If ordinary vacuum robots force you to take your mobile brush off and take your hair off hand, D9 Max has no such problem in principle. It just doesn't let them twist, leaving them out of hand with a special blocker.

Robot pollen with lidar

Nearly all modern robot pollinators have built-in lidar for orientation in space. But Dream L10 Pro is a real Tesla from the autopilot world in vacuums. This model is equipped with a special laser system to better position it identifies obstacles up to 8 meters. It does not matter what size these objects are. It defines with precision even the little things that most often pose to vacuumers are dangerous. Therefore, scattered toys, books or clothing will not become a trap for Dream L10 Pro.

Buy Dream L10 Pro (black)

Otherwise, this model is no less than D9 Max. It has the same engine with an input force of 4,000 Pa and four power modes that automatically adjust to the surface on which the cleaning takes place, has a water tank of 270 ml for wet cleaning and a battery of 5,200 mAh, which is enough for 2.5 hours of work. This is better for families with children who are constantly lying on the floor. Dream L10 Pro will be an excellent option because it will be able to adjust and pass the barrier in time without being stuck in the wreckage.

Dreame Robot Dusthead — Buy

Like other Dreame vacuumers, this also supports a smart house by connecting to the Mi Home application, Alice's voice assistant, and even the manual control in which you direct the vacuum yourself as a machine on the radio. This is useful in situations where the vacuumer missed something or you just don't have a goal to clean up the whole apartment, and you need to urgently move the salt distributed or something else. Then you just turn on the robot and, when you cut it off on the smartphone screen, you just take it to the cleaning site manually.

Buy Dream L10 Pro (white)

Wireless vacuum cleaner — Which to choose

Wireless vacuumers are devices that are quite difficult to compare with robots. Yet, despite the same purpose, they perform their tasks in a very different way. If a robot vacuumer is good for regular clean-up, wireless is a much more advanced solution for carpet cleaning and hard-to-reach areas. However cool a robot may be, it will not be able to pick up all the sour from the carpets. However, a Dream T30 can. Thanks to the high suction power of 27,000 Pa and a special brush, it will be able to handle any dust deposits.

Buy Dream T30

It's a complete vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. But if you take off the main tube, how it turns into a dust collection device on furniture and even in a car. And a flexible tray will allow you to get out even where the normal vacuumer never gets there. A small battery will allow it to work up to 90 minutes in the eco-mode, which is quite a lot. The vacuum will warn you about the level of charge by taking out all the information you need on a coloured OLED screen. Cool, isn't it? The vacuum is with the screen. You don't see that every day.

Wireless cleaning vacuum cleaner

You're not just a vacuum cleaner? Then notice the wireless vacuum cleaner, Dream H11 Max. This is a real combine in the home cleaning world. In addition to the high suction capacity and wireless format, which allows it not to depend on the outlet, this thing also carries out a wet cleaning. No, really. If you thought only industrial "kerchers" could wash, you're wrong. This vacuum has a special water tank and a special engine that allows it to deal effectively with pollution of different types. It's enough just to turn on the right mode and walk through the dirty place back and forth.

Buy Dream H11 Max

The design of Dream H11 Max is that it has two water tanks. In one it's clean, and in the other it's used. So this vacuum will make it possible to get real clean, not to move the dirty bottom back and forth by delivering dust to the apartment. It's cool that it works like a vacuum in a wet-cleaning mode, not just a mop, sucking up all the residues of pollution. You don't need a wet cleaning? It's not a question. Just turn on the standard dust-cleaning mode. And when you have to "generate" the whole apartment, pour water into the tank and clean up the whole program. Cool!