iOS 16 functions that will not be available on old iPhones

iOS 16 functions that will not be available on old iPhones

Apple has always been known for the long support of its devices. New iPhone embroidery comes out at least five to six years. But with every new major upgrade of the operating system in Coopertino, they add fewer new functions to their old devices. The meaning of such updates without major innovations is not clear to many users. But the speed at which the latest iOS versions are distributed continues to set records.

IOS 16 has the same situation. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X owners, released in 2017, will receive a new version of the operation, but many of the new functions for which it should be installed will not work on these devices. Let's see how Apple lost the owners of the old iPhones.

iOS 16 - Supported devices

This year Apple stops supporting iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE 1st generation. iOS 16 will not be available for these devices. A complete list of smartphones supporting iOS 16 was cited in a separate article.

Many of the functions that have appeared in the new version of the operating system will only be available for A12 or newer machines. The power of the old processors will not be sufficient for the following chips:

  • Live Text in video. The iPhone will now be able to recognize the text in video, copy, insert, search or translate it. This possibility is available in all applications adapted to iOS 16. Rapid actions and new languages in Live Text. Since the Live Text itself is available only on A12 devices since iOS 15, then no innovation will be supported by older devices. The emoji is now available in the new operating system. It is also possible during the dictation of the text to insert emoji using a voice, simply by saying which smile you want to add. Unfortunately, this function does not work in Russian. Only English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish are maintained. Only English, German, Chinese and Spanish are supported.

These functions require more computing power than the A11 processor can provide. Therefore, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X did not receive them.

But even the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR were not without limitations. The Live Captions function is automatically created subtitles for any sound track that will not be available on these smartphones. But for Russia this possibility is not relevant because Russian is not supported.

iOS 16 on iPhone 13

Amazing in this situation is that only the iPhone 13 model series received exclusive camera functions. No other series of smartphones have they been added.

All iPhone 13 has been able to blur the front plan in Portret mode with the ability to adjust the depth effect. The "Cinema Effect" mode has become more precise about the shapes of the face, the ends of the hair, and the ends of the glasses.

And one of the most expected chips was the ability for Face ID to operate horizontally. As you can guess, only for the iPhone 13 series.

It's very strange that iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max did not get new opportunities for portraits and horizontal Face ID because its processor capacity should be enough to cover its eyes. It's likely that Apple's so-called greed has played here. It's necessary to push users to update smartphones.

Looking at the functions that didn't get the old devices, on the one hand, it seems that nothing really important Apple has taken away old models, and it's glad that the new possibilities of casteization of Loxcrin have all the devices that will be updated to the new operating system. The important thing is that iOS 16 doesn't glitch. This fact is that users will appreciate much more than some perceived innovation.