Kilin's innovative battery will provide 1,000 km for electric vehicles

Kilin's innovative battery will provide 1,000 km for electric vehicles

Unlike conventional diesel vehicles, which can be filled in minutes at fuelling stations, electric vehicles are not so convenient. Manufacturers of green cars work closely with battery developers to solve this problem. And batteries from CATL not only promise a range of 1,000 km, but also a rapid charge in just 10 minutes.

Qilin batteries are based on the third generation CATL cell-to-pack battery system, which uses lithium-ion elements of unusual shape. According to CATL's press release, the battery density is 255 Wh/kg, and has also achieved a record 72% volume efficiency.

The cooling plates, which used to be located on top of the prismatic cells, are now placed between the rows of cells in the new battery, which is reported to have increased the heat transfer of the cell by a factor of four and allows the battery to withstand a long charge.

As a result, Qilin batteries can pass between 10% and 80% of the charge in just 10 minutes, and maintain a hot start in about five minutes.

CATL also compared the efficiency of its Qilin batteries to that of cylindrical elements of type 4680, which was repeatedly mentioned by Director General Tesla Ilon Mask.

The press release states that its batteries provide 13% more energy than the 4680 battery. In addition, a third-generation battery will also provide higher volume integration, better thermal efficiency and a higher charge rate.