Robot "replaced" employees' hands in a Tumen company: he pours drinks to them

Robot "replaced" employees' hands in a Tumen company: he pours drinks to them

The company's office, Arsenal+ of Tumen, was equipped with a robotic hand, which supplies various drinks to employees, and is part of the Promobot Rocky project aimed at promoting robotics and building educational complexes in educational institutions.

To take advantage of the robot, company employees need to approach the table and press a special button. Then the robotic arm takes a bottle of drink and fills the glass. The whole process takes about 30 seconds.

Developers say that the device is used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Promobot Rocky Set. This is a set by which students and students can learn to control robotic devices, and the technologies used in the training project are fully in line with industrial manipulators.

By using the dial, students are trained in self-assembly assembly and robotic hand management, and are taught to write software code to solve various applications related to the movement of objects in space. At Promobot, they report that this and other educational products are already being used in a number of Russian universities.

In the coming years, the robotics market will need even more specialists. Promobot Rocky has been designed to train future staff — guys who, after completing their training, are ready to work with real robots; this will help reduce the time needed to adapt and train new employees in robotic companies, which are growing in number each year.