Samsung at IFA 2022 will talk about green solutions for a smart house

Samsung at IFA 2022 will talk about green solutions for a smart house

Samsung will participate in the annual IFA International Electronics Exhibition, which will take place in Berlin from 2 to 6 September. Lee Jae Seong, head of Samsung Digital Applications, reported in his blog that the company is betting on environmental efficiency and energy efficiency in future products without revealing what will be demonstrated at the event.

Lee Jae Seong described three key steps that Samsung would take to build a smart house with zero carbon emissions.

First, the company plans to add Wi-Fi to all new household devices that will be connected to Bespoke Home, based on the SmartThings platform, and all future Samsung household devices will have built-in energy conservation functions based on artificial intelligence.

Second, the Samsung goals should be supported by a partnership with a company with environmental sustainability practices, in this case, Patagonia, a clothing brand that seeks to reduce the use of plastic in its products and the pollution of nature by microplastics.

A combination of Patagonia's experience in clothing and Samsung's know-how in washing machines should help to reduce the release of microplastics in the new products of the South Korean company, as well as in some existing devices.

The third step is to build a smart house capable of generating energy and reducing carbon emissions. This company will partner with Qcells and SMA. Samsung will launch " as part of this initiative.

However, the head of Digital Applications did not disclose which models of washing machines, air conditioners and smart televisions would be available on IFA 2022.