Ilon Mask is determined to launch Starship into orbit before the end of this year and bring the FSD autopilot to mind

Ilon Mask is determined to launch Starship into orbit before the end of this year and bring the FSD

The head of Tesla and SpaceX companies, Ilon Mask, is not afraid to make bold statements, even if it is necessary to change the timing of projects in the future. He has long promised to train Tesla electric vehicles to drive "by the end of the year" without the driver's intervention.

A similar statement was made by Ilon Mask at a conference in Norway this week, according to Reuters. Now all the attention and resources of Mask are focused on two issues. First, he intends to launch into orbit a spaceship with the prosaic name Starship by the end of this year. Second, he hopes to upgrade Tesla's electric vehicle control technology to a level that allows them to avoid the driver's involvement.

In such statements, Mask is not at odds with his earlier intention to present a new version of the FSD by May next year. In fact, by the end of the year, Tesla's head expects to develop appropriate software, and by May next year he hopes to make it available to clients in the United States after all the necessary arrangements with local authorities. In the future, Mask would like to offer autonomous driving technology and customers in Europe, but here too, the timing will depend heavily on regulatory approval.

In parallel, Ilon Mask called for the continuation of oil and gas production over the next few years, because without them, modern civilization is doomed to collapse; indeed, the billionaire believes that it is necessary to continue to explore new fields in the same Norway, although he also proposes the development of wind power plants in the waters of the North Sea, which could store electricity in fixed batteries and provide a stable energy supply to the region even in winter.

According to the billionaire, Ilon Mask said it would take decades to complete such a transition.