In RuStore, it was possible to shop inside applications

In RuStore, it was possible to shop inside applications

Russia's RuStore Marketplace has made it possible to shop in applications. The developers are charged a 15% commission.

Android applications can be monetized by software creators through Sbera technology, which users will pay in a private office with a bank card. This is particularly important for those who have lost the opportunity to use their software in foreign marketplays such as Google Play.

," says RuStore's statement.

The site is said to provide the developers with the usual tools for monetization, and the schedule for accepted payments is one working day. In the future, the site management promises to expand the list of tools for monetization and provide new, more convenient payment options. In order to start accepting payments, the software developer needs to activate the function in the private office.

The other day, it was reported that the RuStore had received app ratings and was able to leave feedback.