MSI introduced the game monitor G271CQR E2 in QHD format

MSI introduced the game monitor G271CQR E2 in QHD format

MSI expanded the range of monitors by announcing the G271CQR E2 model on the VA matrix with a diagonal of 27 inches, with a new QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

The device supports the AMD FreeSync Premium technology: it is responsible for eliminating frame fractures and improving the smoothness of the game process. The Night Vision function helps to improve the visibility of dark areas of the image, which gives an advantage over rivals in virtual space.

The monitor has a curved shape: the radius of curvature is 1,000R. The luminance, contrast, and dynamic contrast are 250 cd/m2, 3,000:1 and 100000000:1.

The Less Blue Light Pro technology reduces the intensity of the blue light, which reduces eye fatigue during long-hour game sessions.

There are two HDMI 2.0b interfaces, DP 1.2a, and standard 3.5 mm audio signal interfaces. The support allows for setting the angles of inclination and rotation of the screen, as well as the height relative to the table surface within 90 mm. The panel can be suspended on the wall by means of a VESA attachment.