Apple registered the Reality series brands that could be linked to the VR garrison

Apple registered the Reality series brands that could be linked to the VR garrison

The Bloomberg publication, which traditionally devotes much attention to Apple's intended plans to develop an expanded reality garrison, reported attempts to register associated companies in different jurisdictions with the trademarks "Reality Pro", "Reality One" and "Reality Processor." According to the source, they can be used by Apple itself to indicate virtual and complementary reality devices.

According to the source, Apple had previously operated through outside companies specializing in such activities to reserve the trade names it needed, and applications for the registration of the listed trademarks had been submitted to the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

As Bloomberg expects, in 2023, Apple is going to present the flagship garrison of the updated reality, and the N301 device can just try on the symbol "Reality Pro." Recall that Apple has previously registered the trade name "realityOS" to mark the operating system. According to the source, Apple specialists have repeatedly referred to the device being developed as "Reality", although this information is not formally commented on.

By the end of the decade, Apple is going to present the next generation with the symbol N602, as well as light-weighted N421. It is possible that one of these devices will receive the symbol "Reality One." Well, the "Reality Processor" mark may well belong to one of the versions of the M2 processors with 16 Gbytes of memory and additional features of the updated reality that are expected to appear inside the first device of this type next year.

According to preliminary data, the first Apple device of this family will be able to work with Maps and FaceTime applications in an adapted virtual reality environment, as well as to interact within the user group. Optimization will also be made to watch sports events or movies, as well as to participate in games. Apple will not forget the functions related to medicine and health.