The Intel Arc A380 video map was tested for compatibility with 50 games of different years, a result that exceeded expectations

The Intel Arc A380 video map was tested for compatibility with 50 games of different years, a result

The German edition of the PC Games Hardware was able to obtain an Intel Arc A380 graphic accelerator and conducted full-scale tests, but journalists focused not on the graphic performance of the video map, but on its compatibility with popular games, testing it in 50 projects from 1999 to 2022.

Intel currently has serious problems with games that do not use the most modern graphic API DirectX 11 and DirectX 9. As Intel has previously pointed out, it has focused on optimizing Arc graphics for games with Vulcan and DirectX 12. In other words, Arc cards should be expected to have very mediocre performance in old games. It should be made clear that Intel has not refused to optimize old games on old API. This is simply not a primary task for her.

The recently released Arc Graphics Driver 31.0101.3276 Beta eliminates a significant part of the problems associated with the compatibility of games and the functionality of the Arc Control software to manage the Intel Arc graphics. However, companies still have many problems and errors related to the software for their video cards.

The PC Games Hardware noted that most of the games tested on Arc A380, including very old ones, were compatible with Arc graphics, which is a very good result, especially given that Intel is a newcomer in the discrete graphics market. In problematic games, journalists noted visual artifacts when using SSAO and HBAO+ smoothing settings, texture and hanging problems. The only of the 50 games that completely refused to launch on Arc A380 was Max Payne 2. This game uses API DirectX 8. For a complete list of tested games and their compatibility with Arc A380, see the table below.

According to VideoCardz, Intel is likely to present more productive graphic accelerators for the Arc 7 series next month. The video cards can compete with the most popular NVIDIA and AMD models of the current generation. However, Intel's decisions will not compete with flagships. Nor is it too good for Intel that these companies will present video maps on new architectures in the very near future, which will further complicate Intel's position.