The head of the development of the Florizon VR platform for the metaverse will leave Meta*

The head of the development of the Florizon VR platform for the metaverse will leave Meta*

Vice-President Meta* Vivek Sharma — he also specified that Mr. Sharma's career would continue in a different direction.

The top manager has chosen the wrong time for Horizon to leave. Meta* puts a big bet on metallurgy technology, and Horizon is one of the central elements of this strategy, and so far things aren't going too well,

Last week, another statement by Meta* Mark Zuckerberg about the methanal was inadvertently viral. In an attempt to draw public attention to the launch of the Horizon Worlds in France and Spain, Mr. Zuckerberg posted a screen of the image from the platform, except that the graphics were so horribly outdated that the image became a popular joke on the Internet. Some time later, the head of the company tried to correct his mistake and posted screen shots with more modern graphics, but the Internet remembers everything, and even Snapchat has a filter that mimics the meme image of Zuckerberg.

But Meta* is not going to give up. As early as October, the new virtual reality brand book is expected to be released, and this week, a new system of accounts for the metaverse platform debuted: Quest users will no longer have to make an entry through Facebook.* But in general, this revenue stream has not yet yielded, and for the past quarter alone, the net loss of the Meta subunit*Reality Labs reached $2.81 billion.

The direct subordinates of the Sharms will now submit to Vichal Shah, Vice-President Meta* of the Meta Universe," said Pope about Mr. Sharma's departure.

* Listed on the list of voluntary associations and religious organizations in respect of which the court has taken a legally enforceable decision to abolish or prohibit activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Act No. 114-FZ of 25 July 2002 on countering extremist activities.