U.S. Department of Justice is preparing an anti-monopoly action against Apple

U.S. Department of Justice is preparing an anti-monopoly action against Apple

This year, the U.S. Department of Justice's antitrust unit is in the process of preparing a competition suit against Apple and is planning, according to the Politico resource.

Politico explained that despite the preparation of the claim, the Ministry of Justice had not yet determined whether the case against Apple would be opened.

The Ministry of Justice is currently collecting all the information necessary to file a formal claim against Apple for anti-competitive behaviour, and it is reported that the Department of Justice ' s investigation initially focused on the App Store app shop, but the investigators have now expanded the search for possible offences.

All aspects of Apple's business are being considered, including the question . In particular, the investigation is being diverted from public complaints from companies such as Tile and Spotify that Apple's control of the platform gives her an unfair advantage over Apple Music and AirTag over other market participants.

According to Politico sources, lawyers from the Ministry of Justice in San Francisco are leading the investigation, and they have recently approached companies that cooperate with Tile about the technology of tracking the location of the company's devices, also making it clear that both the Apple App Store and the operating system for mobile phones in general are under the close attention of the Ministry of Justice.

According to Politico, the issue of the Ministry of Justice ' s anti-monopoly action against Apple depends largely on the outcome of its proceedings with Epic Games. The Federal Justice held that Apple was not a monopolist, but that it did unfairly restrict the actions of third parties in certain circumstances. Both Apple and Epic Games appealed the decision, the hearing was scheduled for 21 October.