Valve hinted for a new Steam Deck version in the future

Valve hinted for a new Steam Deck version in the future

On a wave of incredible popularity of Steam Deck's portable game console, Valve published a small 50-page e-book describing the development process of the game set, among other things, the company said that it could release new versions of the portable drive in the future.

In particular, the company stated in its book that before the final version of the Steam Deck console was released, its engineers developed many different prototypes of the console.

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Valve also added that it would like to make Steam Deck's heir "more open." With regard to the SteamOS operating system, it will continue to develop and develop new functions to ensure PC-game compatibility through Proton. For example, the company plans to add Steam Deck to the SteamOS distribution for the PC and to present a new version of Big Pictures. Steam will soon be supported by the ChromeOS laptops.

It was previously reported that Valve had accelerated the release of Steam Deck.

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