Paradox Interactive announced the release date of the "Baltic" Supplement of the North to Europe Universalis IV

Paradox Interactive announced the release date of the "Baltic" Supplement of the North to Europe Uni

Paradox Interactive published a trailer with the date of the addition of the Lyons of the North to the global historical strategy Europe Universalis IV. The payment extension for the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia countries will be available on September 13.

Lions of the North will add new mission chains and development options, including in-depth assignments, to enable the creation of alternative versions of history.

DLC will propose the following mission chains:

  • Denmark: Players will try to achieve unity in the kingdom and gain financial and political dominance in Ganza and the North Sea trading areas; Sweden: Power may take power in Scandinavia; Norway: there will be a new sea route along the North Sea or across the Atlantic to reduce the influence of powerful partners; the Order of Tevton, the Order of Livon, Curlandia and Riga: there will be a choice between religious fanaticism and future-oriented secularism; Poland, Lithuania and the Pospolitan Voice: vast lands on the border of the East and West pose a particular challenge for ambitious rulers; and other scenarios: Scandinavia.

Other features of Lions of the North:

  • New government reforms for many countries; new types of units ; new property privileges for local authorities; 35 new sprits for Nordic and Baltic countries; new music: three Scandinavian and three Baltic songs.

The price of Lions of the North will be $15, while the addition will be accompanied by a large, free update.

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Europe Universalis IV was released in August 2013 on PC.

Last March, Paradox Interactive launched a subscription to Europe Universalis IV.