Rumor: Amazon is about to announce the purchase of Electronic Arts

Rumor: Amazon is about to announce the purchase of Electronic Arts

GLHF journalist Kirk McKind.

According to Puck, already recently EA was seriously considering a merger with NBCUniversal, as well as negotiating absorption – potential buyers included Disney, Apple and Amazon.

As McKind says, Amazon made Electronic Arts an official purchase offer and is now allegedly preparing to announce it to the world. None of the companies responded to the GLHF request to comment on the situation.

Following McKinda's publication, David Faber, journalist and analyst of CNBC, with reference to informants who would have been involved in the allegedly forthcoming deal, stated that there would be no annotation.

Faber also confirmed that CNBC's parent company did negotiate with Electronic Arts, but at some point the deal reached a dead end.

According to GLHF journalist, the purchase of EA would open up new opportunities for Amazon in the television sector, and the company could turn into Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space and other franchises.

In any event, following the dissemination of information on the possible sale of Amazon, the value of the shares in Electronic Arts reports that MarketWatch jumped 14% on Friday's pre-tenders, although after CNBC reported that Amazon would not actually buy EA, the latter's shares returned to about the same level as yesterday.

It is worth noting that the potential Amazon and EA deal is not the only major takeover this year: in May, Take-Two purchased Zynga for $12.7 billion, while Microsoft announced in January its intention to absorb Activion Blizzard for $68.7 billion.