Ilon Mask: Tesla electric vehicles will be able to connect to the new generation of Starlink satellites

Ilon Mask: Tesla electric vehicles will be able to connect to the new generation of Starlink satelli

The founder and head of Tesla, Ilon Mask, reported that second-generation Starlink telecommunications satellites in preparation for operation had cellular antennas and would be able to interact with smartphones, as well as with Tesla electric vehicles.

In a joint event with T-Mobile on collaboration with the cell operator, Mask answered a number of questions, including the possibility of connecting Tesla cars. In the United States, these electric vehicles have mobile connections to the AT&T network, but using Starlink will bring the technology to a new level.

Until Mask went into detail about how satellite communications in Tesla will be organized. It is known that the satellite in its coated area will provide mobile communications up to 2-4 Mbit/s, and the channel width will have to be divided into all users of the relevant technology. This is not likely to be sufficient for users with Tesla premiums, who have access to, for example, real-time video transmissions. In any case, a link that may not be fast but that works "the star where the sky is visible" is better than none.

Over time Tesla has reduced the default electric car packages. If the cars purchased before the end of June 2018 include a Premium Connectivity tariff with no extra charge, now the addition of a Premium Connectivity tariff for Tesla is $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

The recent deactivation of the 3G AT&T network showed that old cars built before mid-2015 and not equipped with LTE modem would have to be upgraded for $200 to be used with the new standard, while old tariffs without subscription fees only concern models that have not been upgraded.

For new electric vehicles, Tesla or copies of a runner, a Standard Connectivity package is proposed for a period of eight years, counting from the first day when the new electric vehicle was delivered to the owner or from the first day when it began to be used.