The scary humanoid robot has learned to show disgust

The scary humanoid robot has learned to show disgust

In the new video, Ameka uses 12 new drives, looking in the mirror, her artificial face expressing mistrust, disgust, pain, and perhaps even regret, and now the robot moves its head and gestures with a very realistic hand.

In a presentation of Ameka's capabilities, the representatives of the Engineeringd Arts made fun of Tesla's failed attempt to build a humanoid robot. To see this, it is worth pointing to the background at the beginning of the video.

On its website, the engineering firm states that Ameka is "the world's most advanced human-shaped robot", which is the "avant-garde of human-robot technology".

But as much as the robot is able to display human emotions on its own, it is not known. The Engineeringed Arts does not explain whether Ameka has enough advanced software to enable the robot to react to and interact with people. For the moment, the robot can only show the human emotions that it has programmed.

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