GPD produces a GPD Win 4 portable console at AMD Ryzen 76800U, which resembles Sony PS Vita and PSP Go

GPD produces a GPD Win 4 portable console at AMD Ryzen 76800U, which resembles Sony PS Vita and PSP

GPD is working on a new GPD Win 4 portable game console, which will replace the GPD Win 3 model that was introduced last year. The design of the new app shows links to the long-dead Sony PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable Go. From the first GPD Win 4 will capture the appearance and from the second, the slider format. The console has a moving screen under which QWERTY keyboard is hidden.

Photos and some new information about the new one were shared by the Liliputing portal with reference to various sources. It is now known that GPD Win 4 will receive a 6-inch display. The same GPD Win 3 will use a 5.5-inch display. The dimensions of the new drive will not change much. This will make the GPD Win 3 special station likely to be compatible with the new console.

Like the predecessor, the new one will receive a charge-off USB Type-C, located in the same location on the top edge.

The GPD Win 4 will be based on the AMD Ryzen 76800U 8-nuclear and 16-level processor on the Zen 3+ architecture, operating at a frequency range of 2.7 to 4.7 GHz. Chip will be equipped with a built-in graph on the RDNA 2 architecture. This should significantly increase the productivity of the new drive against the background of the predecessor working on the Intel Tiger Lake processor with an integrated Iris Xe graph.

The GPD Win 4 analog steaks are equipped with Hall effect sensors. Stick caps will be removable. The user will be able to replace them by choosing a lower or higher profile option. In general, the device will be more ergonomic, receive a more rounded design, and the right analog stick will be placed under the control buttons rather than above them as it used to be.

The device keyboard will offer complete physical keys rather than compressive touch buttons like the GPD Win 3 model. The GPD Win 4 will not be just a compact game console, but a fully-fledged Windows-based portable PC that can be used not only for games.

To date, it is not known when the GPD Win 4 will be officially introduced and how it will be evaluated.