Look at the most detailed map of water that was on Mars in the past

Look at the most detailed map of water that was on Mars in the past

The data from the Mars Express of ESA and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA were used to create the first detailed global map of hydrated minerals on Mars.

The new map of mineral deposits on Mars will not only change scientists ' perception of the distribution of water on the Red Planet in the past; the data will also be useful for the development of a road map for future Mars studies, including missions with crews.

Scientists were particularly surprised when they saw on the map an unexpected abundance of minerals, formed by the interaction of rock and water, and found hundreds of thousands of water-rich areas, some of which are in the oldest regions of Mars.

Using new information, scientists study Martian geology in more detail, and explain what happened when it turned from a planet very similar to the Earth into a dry and dry world, as well as scientists hoping to see if Mars could ever sustain life in the past.

The map was created using data collected by the European Space Agency OMEGA on the Mars Express spacecraft and the CRISM spectrometer and is on board the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and has collected information for the map for more than 10 years.

Two articles detailing the creation of this new map of Mars are published in the journal Icarus.