Video: Atlus showed Soul Hackers 2

Video: Atlus showed Soul Hackers 2

Japan's publisher and developer Atlus, as well as its western unit, presented an introductory display of the RPG coming out next week, called Soul Hackers 2.

For example, according to Ringo and Figue, agents of the highest character, Ion, come to Earth to prevent the end of the world. To this end, girls join forces with demonologists Errow, Milady and Sayzo, who are reborn Ringo.

The commercial lasts just over three minutes and shows all the characters listed, as well as individual images from their storylines and general narrative, under dynamic music.

It is noteworthy that about the first third of the video takes place in a peaceful scene at the headquarters of heroes, where Errow takes care of room plants for peaceful reasons.

The Western release of Soul Hackers 2 is expected on August 26 at PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Pre-orders are already open, but due to restrictions, only PlayStation consoles are available.