CD compact disc is 40 years old

CD compact disc is 40 years old

Exactly 40 years ago, on August 17, 1982, the era of optical media began. At the Polygram plant in Langenhagen, under Hanover, production of the world's first commercial CD began with the production of the Abba The Visitos CD. ironically for Abba, this was the last joint work, while the CD opened a new era in music and later in the field of computers.

It was developed by Philips and Sony. By that time, Philips had produced LaserDisc, the first commercial optical data medium, but with an analog image and sound recording. Sony, for its part, had been working on the digital error correction process for several years until the specified partnership with Philips.

The first prototype of the CD from Philips could record 60 minutes of music and had a diameter of 11.5 cm. It was a diagonal of a popular audio cassette at the time, also developed by Philips. There was a myth, as the 74-minute final version of the CD appeared. It was said that the wife of the then vice president, Sony Norio Oga, would like to hear Beethoven's 9th symphony all on a single CD, and the longest version of the symphony under Wilhelm Furtwengler's control lasted 74 minutes.

The real reasons for the production of 74-minute CDs are banal, as one of the developers, Kiss A. Shoahmer Immink, said. The competitors needed what was done to produce a longer-term CD version. So CDs became 12 cm, although at first the coding method allowed only 72 minutes of recording. Disks with 74-minute tracks appeared only in 1988.

In Germany, CD discs outrun vinyl records sales in 1989; according to the German Association of the Phonographic Industry, 56.9 million CDs and only 48.3 million Vinyl records were sold that year. By the 25th anniversary of the CD in 2007, the number of CDs sold in the world had reached 200 billion. However, with the advent of digital downloads and stream services, the number of CDs sold has declined worldwide. According to the German Music Industry Association, the number of CDs sold in 2021 was 25.1 million, compared with 32.2 million in 2020.

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