SpaceX will pay $25,000 to a hacker who hacks into Starlink's network

SpaceX will pay $25,000 to a hacker who hacks into Starlink's network

Ilona Maska SpaceX is asking researchers and Internet security specialists to hack Starlink and report errors, for which the satellite Internet provider will pay up to $25,000.

SpaceX made an announcement after Lennert Wooters, security researcher, said last week that he was able to hack Starlink with a $25 homemade device. He said that he had conducted a SpaceX error search test, in which enthusiasts presented the results of a search for potential vulnerabilities on the satellite network.

In a six-page paper entitled "Starlink welcomes security researchers", SpaceX congratulated Waters on the break-in. His experiment using homemade printing should not disturb Starlink users or have a direct impact on satellites, the company's representatives added.

Even the company's full-time engineers have always tried to hack Starlink to improve the service and make it safer, noted SpaceX, calling on everyone who wants to help the service. "We allow responsible safety researchers to run their own tests, and provide monetary rewards if they find vulnerability and report them," says SpaceX.

Researchers who run non-destructive tests at Starlink and report results will get $100 to $25,000.

The company's website has already identified 32 researchers who reported important security issues at Starlink, with an average payment of $973 over the past three months.