Supersonic aircraft returning: American Airlines ordered 20 Boom Supersonic Overture passenger ships

Supersonic aircraft returning: American Airlines ordered 20 Boom Supersonic Overture passenger ships

American Airlines has entered into an agreement with Boom Supersonic to purchase 20 supersonic airliners Overture, which is expected to fly approximately twice as fast as normal passenger ships, and only two passenger models, Soviet TU-144 and European Concorde, were regularly flown at supersonic speeds.

American Airlines is known to have deposited an unrecoverable deposit of an unknown size in an aerospace Boom Supersonic account. Overture aircraft are designed to fly up to 1.7 Maha for only 3 hours and 45 minutes. According to an agreement between companies, Boom Supersonic must prove that Overture meets all safety standards and declared flight characteristics before delivery begins. In addition to the 20 American Airlines aircraft already ordered, it can purchase another 40 aircraft in the future.

The Boom Supersonic Overview will receive a sharpened fuselage. This design will reduce the coefficient of frontal resistance and optimize fuel consumption. Four of the Overture engines will speed up to 1.7 Maha above water. Over the ground, it will fly at a speed just below sound speed due to the requirements of the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority — flights at a speed of more than 1 Maha — accompanied by "sonic strikes" preventing the population.

The new purchase agreement for 20 aircraft is based on the company's previous contract of 2021, which provided for the purchase first of 15 liners with the possibility to purchase another 35. It is known that Boom Supersonic has further entered into a deal with Northrop Grumman to supply options for military and other emergency missions.

Although the agreement is already in place, Boom Supersonic Overview is still undergoing pre-flight tests and is not ready for commercial operation. The company expects to begin production of Overture by 2024, and the first flight of the airline is due to take place in 2026. Another supersonic Boom Supersonic - XB-1 aircraft designed to demonstrate the potential of technology is due to take off by the end of 2022.