Hyundai invests more than $400 million in new robots in Boston Dynamics

Hyundai invests more than $400 million in new robots in Boston Dynamics

==History==Hyundai Motor Group, owned by the developer and manufacturer of the Boston Dynamics robots, announced the foundation of the Boston Dynamics AI Institute for fundamental research in artificial intelligence, robotics and smart machines.

The new Institute is expected to be led by the founder of Boston Dynamics, Mark Rybert. The Institute will work on the most important and difficult tasks involved in the development of advanced robots. It is expected that the Institute's ecosystem will take the best culture of university and corporate research laboratories in studying cognitive I.I., "sportative" I., the development of appropriate hardware. Work will also be envisaged in related areas involving research on the ethical and political aspects of such technologies.

According to Rybert, the Institute's mission is to create new generations of promising robots and smart machines that are more intelligent, flexible, responsive and safe than any of those that exist today; the vast resources of the Institute will help to create robots that are easier to use; they will be more productive and able to perform various tasks, working safely with people.

To achieve these goals, the Institute will invest in these areas — in addition to its own development, it will collaborate with universities and corporate laboratories.

The new organization ' s headquarters will be located in the Kendall Square area, Cambridge, where the Institute intends to recruit specialists in artificial intelligence and robotics, software and hardware developers, as well as technical staff at all levels.

In addition, Hyundai Motor Group announced plans to establish a Global Software Centre to develop competencies in the area of Software Defined Vehicles.