Squirrel with a Gun received the first full trailer

Squirrel with a Gun received the first full trailer

American VFX artist Daniel Deantremont, in a personal microblog, introduced the first full-fledged trailer of his squirrel killer Squirrel with a Gun.

Remember, Squirrel with a Gun will allow a squirrel to study open sandboxes, rob civilians, and confront randomly encountered agents as a person who has learned to hold a weapon that is disproportionate to her.

The live video lasts more than one and a half minutes and demonstrates the main elements of the Squirrel with a Gun game process, including environmental studies, shootings, battles against enemies, platform sections and puzzle elements.

According to Deantromone, the system requirements on Squirrel with a Gun in Steam are based on the characteristics of his laptop and will be adjusted to the release:

At this stage, Squirrel with a Gun is confirmed for premiere exclusively on PC and has no estimated release dates. Development has been ongoing since last winter on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.