"Sberbank" changed the name of the electronics unit to delete the word "Sber"

"Sberbank" changed the name of the electronics unit to delete the word "Sber"

It is known that the bank has changed the name of the company that produces smart columns, TV and other electronics, including the voice assistant Salut, by deleting the word "Sber" from its name. Experts do not rule out that the Fintech giant is preparing to break up with the business.

According to Commersant, although the bank itself is explaining changes in the portfolio of products, the sources of the publication do not exclude that the unit has encountered difficulties due to the sanctions restrictions on access to components and technologies, so it may simply be sold and Sberbank may be able to focus on more profitable areas; however, according to the publication, the bank promises to continue investing in technology.

The change of name was introduced in the SPARC-Interfax database, "Sber Deways", which is developing all possible electronics from smart television to display for the smart SberPortal house and smart SberBox Time columns, and even devices like smart light bulbs, in the middle of the past month became simply Salut Deways.

Meanwhile, Commersant's sources report that the company is virtually no longer able to purchase the necessary IT solutions from abroad. According to some reports, the bank will not only distance itself from auxiliary businesses, but will also leave non-core areas at all, rumored to be from SberDevises. However, there is no reliable evidence of this yet.

==Career==Sberbank is known to have been under U.S. sanctions as early as February; it was effectively isolated from the dollar system; business is also on the UK and EU sanctions list; it is off-line from the SWIFT system; and software marketplays like Google Play and App Store have begun to remove associated applications from their sites. The company has already sold "SberSwook", "Okko Sport", "SberCloud", and the MDGs.

In the view of some experts, distance from and even abandonment of non-core assets may be related not only to sanctions but also to the optimization of investments, as it is more beneficial for companies to focus on the "fintech" in the current economic environment.