The Steam weekly chart: Marvelx Spider-Man fights the Cult of the Lamb, and Cyberpunk 2077 returned to the top ten

The Steam weekly chart: Marvelx Spider-Man fights the Cult of the Lamb, and Cyberpunk 2077 returned

===Steam chart===Marvel's Spider-Man remaster won two seats on the Steam chart, leaving Steam Deck's console at the top of the 11th consecutive week.

Marveløs Spider-Man Remastered appeared on the PC on August 12, and was warmly accepted by critics. Two days later, she collected 66436 simultaneous users, thus becoming the second most popular PC-port of the PlayStation exclusive after God of War . However, this indicator continues to rise, so reprinting can still lead the rating.

Started with a fourth line, "Cult of the Lamb" is only slightly smaller than Marvel and Spider-Man Remastered: on the day of the release, the sheep game, which creates its own cult, reached 61,780 simultaneous users; however, its popularity is already declining: in the last 24 hours, the obsessed lamb has attracted 51,276 "followers".

===Reception===The game has received 88% of positive feedback from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital.=The game is praised for its visual style, music, setting, and interesting gameplay mechanics, while at the same time noting the sudden low complexity, primitive battles, an undeveloped horny component, a lack of content, speed and a large number of bugs.

On the fifth line, Farthest Frontier debuted, an urban strategy from Crate Entertainment, a role-playing act by Grim Dawn, released in early access.

The Farthest Frontier rating was 84%, and among the advantages are detailed systems, a fascinating gameplay and a pleasant visual part. The customers' impressions have been spoiled by serious bugs, poor mechanics, poor optimization, and lack of training. The final version is scheduled to be released in 8–12 months.

===Two Point Campus===In the seventh position, Two Point Campus, the University's management simulation of Two Point Studios and Sega, is based on 7,553 simultaneous players and 85% positive feedback.

Stray's adventure fell from number two to number eight, Cyberpunk 2077 returned, and the tenth received a recent subscription to the second year of development for the Guilty Gear Fighting – Strive--.

The chart left seven products, including Elden Ring and a VR set of Valve Index.

Top 10 profit games: